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30 Different Types of Doctors and What Exactly They Do

What image comes to mind when you think of a doctor? Often, the connotation of Dr brings to mind the idea of a man/woman in a white lab coat, chart in hand, checking out the back of your throat during your annual check-up. The family physician represents only one type of Doctor that works in the medical field. In fact, there is a specific type of doctor for most major parts of the human body. Here are thirty examples:

1. Audiologist
Audiologists specialize in ear related issues, particularly with regard to hearing loss in children. These doctors work with deaf and mute children to assist in their learning to communicate. They typically work in hospitals, physicians offices, audiology clinics, and occasionally in schools.
2. Allergist
Allergists work with a wide variety of patients who suffer from issues related to allergies, such as hay, fever, or asthma. They are specially trained to treat these issues and assist patients in dealing with them and what to do when they are encountered.
3. Anesthesiologist
Anesthesiologists study the effects and reactions to anesthetic medicines and administer them to a variety of patients with pain-killing needs. They assess illnesses that require this type of treatment and the dosages appropriate for each specific situation.
4. Cardiologist
Cardiologists specify in the study and treatment of the heart and the many diseases and issues related to it. They assess the medical and family history of patients to determine potential risk for certain cardiovascular diseases and take action to prevent them.
5. Dentist
Dentists work with the human mouth, examining teeth and gum health and preventing and detecting various different issues, such as cavities and bleeding gums. Typically, patients are advised to go to the dentist twice a year in order to maintain tooth health.
6. Dermatologist
Dermatologists study skin and the structures, functions and diseases related to it. They examine patients to check for such risk factors as basal cell carcinoma (which signals skin cancer) and moles that may eventually cause skin disease if not treated in time.
7. Endocrinologist
Endocrinologists specify in illnesses and issues related to the endocrine system and its glands. They study hormone levels in this area to determine and predict whether or not a patient will encounter an endocrine system issue in the future.
8. Epidemiologist
Epidemiologists search for potential diseases that may crop up and cause a great deal of problems for a population and look for vaccinations for current terminal diseases, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS.
9. Gynecologist
Gynecologists work with the female reproductive system to assess and prevent issues that could potentially cause fertility issues. Female patients are typically advised to see a gynecologist once a year.
Gynecological work also focuses on issues related to prenatal care and options for expectant and new mothers. For more information on how to ensure that your infant is growing and developing properly.
10. Immunologist
Immunologists study the immune system in a variety of organisms, including humans. They determine the weaknesses related to this system and what can be done to override these weaknesses.
11. Infectious Disease Specialist
Infectious Disease Specialists are often found in research labs and work with viruses and bacteria that tend to cause a variety of dangerous diseases. They examine the source of these organisms and determine what can be done to prevent them from causing illnesses.
12. Internal Medicine Specialist
Internal Medicine Specialists manage and treat diseases through non-surgical means, such as anesthetics and other pain-reliving drugs. They work in many different healthcare facilities and assist other physicians in finding the most appropriate means of treatment for each individual patient.
13. Medical Geneticist
Medical Geneticists examine and treat diseases related to genetic disorders. They specialize in disorders that are hereditary in nature and work to find ways to prevent already-present diseases from passing down to the next generation through reproduction.
14. Microbiologist
Microbiologists study the growth infectious bacteria and viruses and their interactions with the human body to determine which could potentially cause harm and severe medical conditions.  They also seek to find immunizations for diseases caused by these organisms.
15. Neonatologist
Neonatologists care for newborn infants to ensure their successful entry into a healthy and fulfilling life. The focal point of their examinations is on premature and critically ill infants who require immediate treatment at the risk of fatal consequences.
16. Neurologist
Neurologists work with the human brain to determine causes and treatments for such serious illnesses as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Dementia, and many others. In addition to research on the brain stem, neurologists also study the nervous system and diseases that affect that region.
17. Neurosurgeon
Neurosurgeons operate on the human brain and body to treat and cure diseases affecting the nervous system and brain stem. They work to alleviate symptoms from serious brain illnesses that cause patients a great deal of physical and emotional pain.
18. Obstetrician
Obstetricians work in a particular area of gynecology that focuses on neonatal care and childbirth. They also perform other operations related to the female reproductive system including c-sections, hysterectomies, and surgical removal of ovarian tumors.
To learn more about neonatal care and the proper way to care for a newborn infant.
19. Oncologist
Oncologists focus on the treatment and prevention of cancer in terminal and at-risk patients. They offer such treatments as examination and diagnosis of cancerous illnesses, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to destroy cancer cells in the body, and follow-up with survivors after treatment successes.
20. Orthopedic Surgeon
Orthopedic Surgeons treat ailments concerned with the skeletal system, such as broken bones and arthritis. These doctors are often found in emergency rooms since accidents that result in broken bones are often unintentional and demand immediate treatment.
21. ENT Specialist
ENT Specialists concentrate in areas related to the Ear, Nose, and Throat, and sometimes even ailments related to the neck or the head. Children often seek treatment from ENT specialists for surgery in the above areas, and adults see these doctors for sinus infections.
22. Pediatrician
Pediatricians work with infants, children, and adolescents regarding a wide variety of health issues, ranging from the common cold to severe conditions. They make their work environments highly kid-friendly, often featuring a range of toys and bright colors.
23. Physiologist
Physiologists study the states of the human body, including emotions and needs. They particularly focus on the functions of the human body to assess if they are working correctly and attempt to determine potential problems before they become an issue.
24. Plastic Surgeon
Plastic Surgeons perform cosmetic surgery to enhance the physical attributes of a patient or amend a physical issue that the patient finds unsatisfactory. The ultimate goal of professionals in this field is to correct improper human forms.
25. Podiatrist
Podiatrists work on and study ailments that afflict the feet and ankles of patients. They are often referred to a foot doctors and treat such afflictions as athletes foot, calluses, nail disorders, and other foot injuries and infections.
26. Psychiatrist
Psychiatrists, who occupy a more prevalent place in the research field than the medical field, study behavior and mental processes. They often work with patients in one-on-one sessions to alleviate mental illnesses and behavioral disorders.
27. Radiologist
Radiologists diagnose and detect physiological ailments through the use of x-rays and other such imaging technologies. Through the use of these technologies, they scan the victims body for hazardous cells, such as cancer cells, and look for fractures or breaks in accident victims.
28. Rheumatologist
Rheumatologists, similar to Allergists, diagnose and treat allergies, as well as autoimmune disorders. However, unlike their Allergy-focused neighbors, these doctors also treat joint and tissue problems and diseases that afflict the immune system.
29. Surgeon
Surgeons can be found at the operating table, performing a wide variety of surgeries from head to toe. Subsets of surgeons include such areas as general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, ENT surgery, and oral surgery.
30. Urologist
Urologists specialize in issues related to the urinary system, such as urinary tract infections. They also treat and study afflictions of the kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, and male reproductive organs.
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