Partnering with a Physician for Supplement Marketing

The economics of healthcare in the United States are changing rapidly and drastically with the healthcare reform act implement in the past decade, and additional changes since it was first passed. Due to the uncertainty the future is unclear for many Physicians beginning their careers after graduation and residency programs. It is difficult for the medical school grads to gauge how much the will earn in their specified specialty since health insurance companies have a strong influence over reimbursement amounts. Consequently more and more physicians are opting to work as an employee for a hospital or clinic rather than take an entrepreneurial route and open their own practice, according to a survey done by NEJM.

This trend creates two opportunities that could have positive financial benefits for those in the recruiting industry and supplement industry. With more and more physicians looking to work at hospitals and clinics, its easier for recruiters to find willing candidates to apply for and fill needed positions. This will also benefit recruiters as there will be an estimated shortage of Physicians, as much as 104,000 by 2030, according to AAMC, and recruiters will want to fill as many staffing positions as possible during the shortage.

While not as many Physicians are opting to open their own private practice, many still have a desire to use their business skills to generate a higher income. We’ve seen doctors, such as Dr. Axe, sweep the internet with health products sold by his own business Ancient Nutrition. Several other doctors, such as Dr. Mark Hyman have built similar business and offered health through means other than a direct visit to a clinic. This creates opportunities for health companies to pair with doctors in launching a brand that will sweep the internet.

Finding the right Physicians to reach out to for recruiting or potential business partnerships is important. Specialty, location, NPI numbers can give additional insights as to who to target. A Physician Database can provide thousands of leads and help you target great candidates staffing or business needs.

While the future of healthcare is unclear, you can take advantage of several great opportunities to work with doctors and boost your organization’s needs.