Physicians in America

Physicians in America contribute to the vital need of hygiene and comfort in todays fast, demanding world.  Physicians come in many varieties specializing based on
certain needs. Pediatric Physicians focus primarily on younger children and are trained in dealing with a childs health.  Surgeons specialize in treating diseases and faults in bone structure. They also work with injuries and diseases.  Physicians use a Physician list to acquire patients.

All Physicians complete some form of school or another.  Potential Physicians must complete at least two years of undergraduate school to be eligible to apply to medical school; however, most applicants have completed a bachelors degree.  They may keep a Physicians list to chart their progress towards a degree. A Physicians list allows students to see what colleges they may apply to. Accreditation is performed by the American Physicians Association.  Dental school lasts four years and can be very competitive to be accepted.  Physician specialists such as surgeons must complete an additional two years of specialty training.  Some Physicians must complete three additional years in order to practice.

Physicians around the world varies depending on the economic status of a country.  Physical therapists exist around the world performing many of the same procedures done by Physicians.  However in the United States it is illegal for anyone but a Physicians to perform surgery because of the irreversible consequences accomplished.  Those in authority may use a Physician list to monitor therapists.  In Taiwan, medical schools take place during the undergraduate years.  However, instead of studying for four years like most undergraduate degrees, Taiwanese students must study for six years in order to receive their degree.  An entrance level test is required by applicants where only the top 3% scoring receive admission to the seven schools.  In Canada there are about 44,000 Physicians compared to 750,000 in the United States. The United States has about twenty times as many Physicians as Canada, affecting a Physician list in many ways. In some provinces children receive free services paid by the national government.  In the Netherlands children receive free medical work and most adults receive some sort of compensation.  Elderly citizens who have more expensive needs can also receive compensation.  In Israel there are only two Physician schools, one in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv.    Iran also has programs which last six years for students.  There are 15 medical schools in Iran.  After graduating, men may need to fulfill two years of service in the military.