What are the Best States to Market to Physicians?

Physicians are at the top of the list when it comes to high paying salary professions, but with the recent changes in the health care system many doctors salaries are beginning to dwindle as they are not compensated fully by insurance companies. Physicians are beginning to turn toward other methods of income by extending their practice into a business that sells health products and performs other unique methods of healthcare.

With doctors looking towards new options for income, its the perfect time to gather physician leads and begin generating interest in your health or medical product. Physiciandownload.com offers verified physician leads at a dramatically lower price per lead.
Which States you market to can make a big difference, so before sending out your emails or flyers to physicians, take a few minutes to evaluate which demographics will work best with what you have to offer.

States with high concentrations of doctors compared to patients are more likely to need to search for other forms of income, especially if the cost of living is high. Wallethub ranked New York, Washington D.C., and New Jersey as some of the states/areas with the lowest opportunity to practice. Doctors who practice in those states or states ranked low on the list have less opportunity, and consequently less income if they simply choose to practice medicine. More doctors are becoming business owners as they expand their practice beyond appointments. They have realized that many people in big cities tend to catch onto health trends first, so if they market themselves right they will be able to offer popular treatments and attract more patients.

States where numbers of doctors are much smaller have less competition and are able to meet with higher numbers of patients. This allows them to generate income closer to the amount they desire and they are less likely to look for other sources of revenue. This does not mean that they are not interested in purchasing new products to improve their business or even retailing some of their favorite products, but they will not feel the need to run a side business out of necessity. Wallethub ranked Iowa, Minnesota, and Idaho as the top three states to practice medicine in, so states like these have a great environment for doctors to thrive in as simply medical practitioners.

Its best to do a little bit of research before starting your marketing campaign, and find those areas where your product will thrive and generate a lot of interest. Physiciandownload.com allows you to custom build your list by state or city so you can optimize your marketing campaign and target the audience you want.